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Experience Expenditures

Learning times reminder: In the case of self study and exploration learning a non-supernatural skill requires 1 week per level of the ability. In the case of learning something of supernatural origin, it requires 2 weeks per level of the power in question. These times may be reduced by one week per dot through the use of Research, Library (teaching yourself), or Instruction (teaching others) to a minimum of one week. Mentors are assumed to have Instruction equivalent to their level. Each dot of an ability or background used to reduce learning times can only be applied once per month.

Background Actions

Influence Actions

Influence Chart for reference
Custom Actions: Each influence level has actions associated with it, but these are suggestions and examples. Custom actions will be accepted within a similar scope and power level, but are not guaranteed to succeed.
Temporary Gains: Any action which provides a temporary background or influence must be used in that same month, or it will be lost.
Temporary Resources will persist in the form of a card. When acquiring or crafting temp. Resources, please indicate if you intend to use or save it.

General Actions

(Anything that doesn't fit into the above categories, including, but not limited to, sheet corrections, questions, concerns, journal entries, using powers, etc.)

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